How do I access Tabs and Chords?

I have a 12 month subscription and I’m paid up.

The answer to this question is most probably very obvious, but for some reason I can’t figure out how to get into it. I want to put in a song request.

I have access to Tabs and Chords in the lessons.



If you select Songs on your Dashboard there is a tab for Song Requests. In the View section top of page. Select that then at the bottom there is a field for submitting a request.

As to access, I am only aware the tab is available for the related lessons. I don’t think there is another source.

Does that help?



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@TheMadman_tobyjenner thanks Toby, that helps. I have a vague memory when I bought the subs that I could browse all of the charts. Maybe not. I was spending a small fortune buying sheet music, that’s what I use the most.

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That would be cool but sadly not the case.

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Hi Maggie.
Toby has it.
On the Songs page you can filter by those with Tabs / Chords.

And make song requests:

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I’ve just used Tabs for the first time. Very happy to have the sheet music there as well as the regular stuff. Between this and Justin’s lesson I reckon I have a good chance of making an accurate chart. Will have to brush up on my musical notation. All this stuff gets rusty when I don’t use it regularly. :bulb: :musical_score:

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