How do I change my profile photo and email address

Hey Richard, it’s Ron Gitter. Had a couple of questions for you. How do I change the email I want to use and how can I change that photo that got linked to the community board. Thank you. RG

Hi there, for your picture, click the 3 bars on the menu and sellect update profile.

Changing email is done by admin contact but it may take a while @larynejg


PS. I did find on my phone that I was able to add an additional email address but as yet I dont think it’s worked and not seen it on the main site.


Hey there! Yes, requests might take a while as we’re a super small team and currently rebuilding how our email system works. :confused: But we will surely get back to all of you and solve your issues as soon as we can. Cheers, and have a great week ahead!

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