How do I find REM The One I Love in the App

In the song video lesson for The One I Love, Justin shows the song in the beginners Lessons and Songs App but I’ve just downloaded the App and can’t find the song. I have searched on R.E.M. and the title. How do I find it please?

Jane @JayJayH
I couldn’t find it either, might be one that was removed recently because of licensing issues
Michael :-1:

Might not have even been there before the licensing issue. There was couple of songs like that as I worked my way through Grade 1 where Justin was using the app but I couldn’t find the song on the app.

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We’re really sorry that this track has been removed from the app it was part of the recent library refresh that took place a few weeks ago. We are doing everything we can to get this song and many more like it back but we cannot promise that the licensing provider will budge on their stance of having to remove them.

We hope you enjoy the songs available to you and if you have a song suggestion you can post it here: Login

Thanks for all the replies. Hopefully the licensing issues will be resolved as its a great song. In the mean time I’ve discovered lots of other great backing tracks to play with.

@MusopiaApps I’m curious about what the issue is. I’ve been assuming that the licence provider was making a cash grab that you were unwilling or unable to satisfy…but that’s pure speculation on my part.

Are you able to provide more details on why they are insisting the songs must be taken down?


The licensing provider wanted to make some changes to the existing agreement we had with them (not just monetary) and therefore we’ve had to remove the songs that they own whilst we are negotiating with them. Removing the songs whilst we are negotiating with them gives us a better chance of being able to come to a deal and get the songs back onto the app, however, there are a lot of complex discussions currently going on between many parties and we cannot promise a timeline or if an agreement can be reached between all of the parties involved. We’re trying our best and we’ll update the community if/when progress is made on this matter! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the additional detail. Hope it all works out, and we get those songs back!

It’s funny…once you start learning and playing a song, you start to feel like it’s yours…

…even though the Law says different.

In the song video Justin shows that The One I Love is included in the Beginners Lessons and Songs App. However, I have just downloaded the App and can’t find this song. I have searched on R.E.M. and the title but still can’t find it. How do I find it please?