How do I get to the practice sessions?!

The website frustrates me when it comes to finding practices. I took a few weeks off after completing Grade 1 - Module 6. I’ve always had a problem finding the practice pages, but now I really can’t find them at all. I note the "Practice " tab at the bottom of the module ( But it only lists the items in the practice and an option at the bottom to save as my practice routine. I select that, but then it doesn’t do anything. I’ve searched through the main drop down menus and don’t see any reference to practices. WHERE ARE THEY?!! I’m sure someone will answer my question, but that doesn’t address the fact that I had to ask. This need to be fixed on the web site.

Hi Paul,

from anywhere on the page, you can navigate to your dashboard when you’re logged in by clicking on your user name next to the profile pic:

From there you can either use the big orange button or the option in the side menu to get to the practice section:

There you can set your routine or chose items or simply start practice:

As it’s something personalized for each and every user, it makes sense to have it at the place where it is about the user IMHO. :slight_smile:

Good luck and have fun learning! :smiley:

Cheers - Lisa