How do I speed up the Song App

I love finding and playing song in the Songs App, and sometimes it takes forever to start a song, or get it to pause, or exit a song to choose another. My iPad is from 2021, so I’m hoping to somehow get some pointers on making these transitions a bit speedier.

I tagged this thread for the people of Musopia, the publisher of the app, to find it

You can also mail to, since we Musopia handles the support directly. That way there is no messenger in between and you can have direct content with them.

Let us know if it takes too long to get a reply or here are other issues with the service though!


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Hi there! I’m not an expert on the app or any affiliation with it, but I use the app too, and I think sometimes when the internet speed is slow, the app has a lag time loading the song, since the app doesn’t work offline.


Hi Heather, Thanks for that suggestion, and I think you’re right, but I’m pretty sure the lag comes from the Musopia network. Oddly though, The songs actually load faster than trying to exit a song, so that’s what I’m hoping to find a fix for. It seems like it shouldn’t have to reload the icons of Favorites and the recently played songs every time I exit a song to go back to that screen. Sometimes it takes several seconds; long enough to that I’m never sure if I tapped the screen in the right place. Let me know if this makes sense to you. Thanks again.

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Hmm…I’m not experiencing any lag on those loading screens…

I just ran a few songs, then back to the songs menu without a problem. What device/OS are you using, out of curiosity?

[again, Im just a random user, no affiliation or authority…we’ll wait for the higher power to answer definitively :sweat_smile:]

Hi @Rabbitsears, I’ve checked the application on my devices and not experiencing any issues. As @Heatherxx suggested it may be down to Internet speed. However, it may be worth reporting the issue via the below to get to the bottom of it:

Hi James, My internet speed is over 400 Mbps, which is double the speed needed to stream TV programming. I’m excited to hear that the Musopia network is not causing the lag. I’m going to check with them to see if there are any setting options that I may be missing out on.

I’m using an iPad Air 4th Generation from 2021.

Hi Heather, I just checked how the app works on my iPhone, and there is zero lag time. So it seems to be a compatibility issue with the iPad. Hope to find out the fix.

Hi Socio, it seems to be only a problem with the iPad. It’s super fast on my phone. Hoping to hear back from Support. Thanks for chiming in. Andrew

Andrew - have you tried restarting your iPad to see if that might make a difference? Just a thought…

Yep. Quit app, restarted, deleted app and redownloaded. No change. It’s mostly evident when trying to exit a song.

Hi Lieven, I’ve tried so many different things to fix the problem but nothing has made any difference. It’s notable that I don’t have any issue with the app on iPhone.

So far, no response from the Musopia people.

Main problem is in hitting the X to quit a song to return the the song selection menu. It can take up to 5 seconds to respond in any way.

@Rabbitsears out of interest what iOS is your iPad running on? And what version of the App are you running?

Are you running the app in mobile mode? If you go to the Hamburger drop down menu
right at the botton there is Mobile or PC mode.

I’m running iOS 15.1 and the app is version 3.1.11 iPad Air 4th Generation.

Thanks for asking.

Try updating your iOS to see if it helps. I’m running my IPad mini on 15.2.1 and no issues. Also it might be worth checking what free space you have on your ipad. I’m no expert but worth giving everything a check.

Isn’t the ipad air cloud based? If it is there won’t be much for memory so if anything else is
running on it this could cause problems.

Did the update and no change. You had my hopes up tho. Also checked available storage, and have over 101 GB free. The app itself is only set to use 5 MB for data and documents. I don’t see any way to increase that.

Hi Stitch, The iOS version of the app seems to be mobile only, and there isn’t a hamburger menu anywhere that I can see.