How do I strum?

When I strum I think it’s normal until I see someone play. When I strum chords like G or cadd9, I strum all the strings. When chords like D or mini f appear, I only play those strings. I should say that my arm moves the full length across the string when strumming g, but not mini f or d. Hopefully, this makes sense.

Haidyn, not sure I understand fully. I would say that your arm motion can be consistent and it is about hand control with the pick to determine which strings it makes contact with. Perhaps a short video of you strumming would help us provide more useful feedback.

Hello @Pardon and welcome to the Community.
You need to strum the number of strings required for the chord you’re playing, sometimes 6, sometimes 5, sometimes 4. It is unclear what you are seeing in other people’s playing that makes you think yours is not normal.

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Think I get what you’re asking, provided your Strumming timing is on time, I don’t think it matter at all that you only come partially over the string. I do this in one of my pieces too where the Strumming arm doesn’t do a full swing like you do for G.