How do you amend your bio? Limit on posts. Avatars

When you click on your avatar beside a post, your bio comes up in a box. However only the first couple of lines is visible. Is there a way to expand the box?
If not, I was going to change my bio to a couple of lines so it was all readable. However I can’t find a way to edit the text. Any ideas?

Also. Yesterday I was experimenting with the new system. Made some posts did some quotes, replied to some posts, etc etc trying out the various functions.
Then I got a pop up box saying thanks for your enthusiasm but I wasn’t allowed any more posts. Surely if we’ve to experiment and get to know the way things work we should be allowed to make lots of posts.

And another thing😃. When looking at the list of posts, you can’t tell who’s post it is eg in AVoYP as the icon isn’t the OP but the latest person to reply.


In respect of your " bio" click on your avatar in top right of page and the silhouette and on the menu bar select Preferences. The select Profile from the side menu. Under About me the is a box for text that you should have access too and below it a preview panel. So you can tailor the first couple line to give a summary for when folks click your avatar to see who you are. I’ve not changed mine, as I had not checked out what is actually displayed. ! See screenshot.

Edit - see what you mean ! Another for the To Do List !

Regards posts being inhibited the platform uses a Trust Level system that limits member activity, which is designed to discourage trolls and drive by posters. You obviously tripped the limit, which I think inhibits for 12 hours. There’s a Topic on it somewhere but I cannot find it right now, so will drop it here later.

I’ll check out you third point, as I had not noticed during testing.




Regards the last point where were you looking ? When I go into AOVYP for example, it list the post and shows the avatar of who has commented ie author then repliers. See below. Are you looking elsewhere ? As you can see Kasper’s avatar is against his entry but there have been no comments.
Or are you saying you would like to see a real owner name listed ?

Ok just looked at Latest and Unread in the three line hamburger menu, the format is the same. If you hover over the far left avatar it will show the name of the poster.

My point about the avatars is you can’t tell who the original poster is because the avatar of the latest poster is shown.

How do you ‘hover’ over an avatar?

I can’t find any of the views in your screenshots.

Guess your on your phone ? It may look different. Hover is with mouse. We need Adi !!

OK yep that is pants on the mobile, that’s one for @LievenDV

I’d show you a screenshot but haven’t worked out how to attach a photo to a post.

Are you on iPhone or Android

I’m on an iPhone. and I’m having to type all this extra crap because a post must be 20 characters long!

Yes that is a pita! Right it’s possible iPhone behaves differently. I’ll tag @adi_mrok as I think he is an apple. User.

Regards pics to phone I’ll check what I did in testing but it was not just drag and drop. Let you know tomorrow but off for me beauty sleep :sleeping:

Hang in there we’ll get it sorted :+1:

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Thanks Toby. Much appreciated. (I’ve even sent you a love heart! :joy:).

Nae bother. Will check back in the morning. You won’t be the last to experience these teething problems but once we get answers we can help the others. :purple_heart:

I can confirm that when viewed on mobile (Android, in my case) that one avatar is shown, and it’s the most recent poster. Might be better to have that set to the original poster on mobile.

Same here and I suggest asking @Jamolay as he is Apple user, I am Android :slight_smile:

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