How good can it be?

I usually buy a lot of my guitar related item’s from a pretty cool store in Chicago called the Chicago music exchange. As I am on their mailing list I get sent a lot of updates on new items etc. Yesterday’s email contained this guitar below and the price blew my mind. This is the most expensive guitar I think I have ever seen listed anywhere. I thought I would share it and I just wonder how good can that guitar be?


You know what they say about a fool and his money. :laughing:


Well… it is a D-45 from 68 a highly sought after guitar.
Is it worth it? That is up to the buyer i would say. I highly doubt any of us in this forum would benefit from it. But there is a reason old guitars is in very high demand.
Same as Teles and strats from the right era is worth insane amount of money.

What i think? Yes. I think they are worth it. Even if i have played those guitars as much as i have driven a Ferrari GTO 250 :grin:


When I’m driving around in my Bugatti I often stop & strum my $55,000 Martin… :joy:



If the guitar will be worth $60,000 next year, is it worth it then? For me, no, but each to their own, I wouldn’t tell anyone how to spend their money for sure.

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I think there is always an alternative.
At Thoman on sale :wink:

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At that price someone is buying it for art or a collection, not to play all the time. I can’t imagine it would sound any better than newer guitars.

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Maybe there’s $53000 in cash stuffed in the soundhole? If so, a good buy :nerd_face::rofl:

Cheers, Shane


Yeah its a collectors item from being old and relatively rare

Its like asking how good a Louis XIV chair is for sitting.


Music Emporium Arlington MA has a pre war D28. It could be yours for 150K

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It doesn’t matter what the pricetag says.

It’s not the price, it’s not the guitar, it’s the music that’s in your head that will make all the difference.

Why this one needs to have such a pricetag, i can only wonder…

History is history I suppose and value is in the heads of the buyer! I can think of quite a lot :wink: of other things I’d do with a spare $55k if I had it before buying it.

But as said above, it’ll be a collector and I bet you in 10+ years time it’s value will have gone up!

Because they think someone will be willing to pay that.

It is all about how much a buyer is willing to spend. If I had a few hundred million US dollars, I probably wouldn’t think much about spending $50k on something that interested me.

Money’s value is relative. If I make $50k per year, $100 may be a lot and I would think hard about the cost of a much less expensive guitar. But in the realm of near billionaires, a few thousand dollars is throw away money, spent without a thought. A $50k guitar to Taylor Swift? That is her beater.

I watched this GibsonTV | The Collection the other day and it gave me an insight into how skilled musicians (who can afford it) buy guitars like this because they really can tell the difference, and because they love to play them, rather than just because they love to own them.

Wow does that car come with a free Ferrari?

Much rather buy a house for that price!

Luckily there are cheaper guitars you can buy.

I mean on a positive note, if I traded my house for this, I could keep all the other people living under the bridge entertained with my late-beginner-level skills.

Well that’s a high-risk strategy, right there :rofl:

I sometimes browse eBay and for some reason the default view is price highest to lowest
Things like this keep showing up :roll_eyes:

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