How long can a post be edited?

Maybe there is an option to extend that duration for editing, while limiting the window in which a post can be deleted? There does seem to be a fair amount of configurability, reading between the lines on some of Lieven’s posts.

I’ll hold off on deleting the RC until we hear from Lieven. I hope you’re getting sleep Lieven. Juggling a day job, a family, your band and people like me with my questions :crazy_face: Sorry :bat:

I think it’s the same here. If you go look at the available badges it seems like you get new ‘powers’ (permissions) each time your trust level increases. Here are all the ranks:

I really hope regular and up need to be manually appointed by mods because that’s quite a lot of power to have for an average user. (Seems to be the case for Leader atleast)

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Thanks Ivan!

David posted a blog about trust level. It say a month at trust level 2
But the mods can change that

Our Trust Levels are documented here

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What is the time window for editing posts at TL3? Just curious.

Got me in stitches, Stitch! :rofl: