How long will a thread grow?

Is there any length limit in how long a thread will grow? As an example; will the popular AVOYP playing area just keep growing forever? It is getting pretty long as is, right now. Most forums like our old one used a paging system of so many posts per page. Then incremented to a new page.


An interesting question LB but by the looks of the design it will just keep adding I suspect or some of the Learning Logs (Roadcases) would have flipped a page by now. Incidentally the old AOVYP has 215 pages and most have 24 entries bar the most up to date that has 22 post, if you discount the 2 stickies. So over 5k post there in total. The first being dated September 07, 2007, which was Under The Bridge by DeadlyChicken. Useless trivia but I had to look !! :sunglasses:

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Hi Toby,
Yeah, I agree. Looks all set up to grow to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and keep on going. This will give a whole new meaning to one’s post being on the “front page”. LOL

While probably not a horrible thing, I think it would be better if there was 25 or so posts per page. The page method allows one to navigate a massive amount of posts in an orderly fashion.

DeadlyChicken… Ok, that sounds like a hot band and number! :confounded:

Keep rock’n,

Merry Xmas LB !!

DeadlyChicken brings all sorts to mind. Funny that is the first time I ever looked that far back. And I think that would be the case for most folk, unless were on a mission to track something or someone down but guess that’s why we have a search tool. I think mostly folk will read, listen, comment on the most recent and unread posts and that will continue until the first ever post hits magma !

All the best pal, have a good one.



Good question @LBro

It has just become my Christmas morning quest - to venture to the deep, unknown and outer rim of the settings.
Wish me luck.


Well I suppose now it is about being top of the page, rather than front page.

Personally I prefer to be able to just scroll down and pick up on what I may have missed.

I guess if we are counting, then being at the top of the charts has always been best.

Now about that DeadlyChicken. Would that be wings with incredibly hot sauce on it? Sounds like bad stuff indeed…

All the best and rock it down some more,
Merry Christmas to all… Ho, Ho, Ho!

DeadlyChicken was a long-time regular.
He was on my long list of Forumites I messaged about the Community.


Discourse insists that these conversations are ‘Topics’ as opposed to ‘Threads’.


Hi Richard,
I see, as I thought it was a band… Heck of a member name!

Ah, don’t tread on the thread I suppose… :grinning:
All the best!

So if we call them posts or threads, is it the naughty step ! Or will we be chastised by the Bot, who I am sure is lurking in the shadows, taking notes !

Na Toby,
The bot is keeping a list and checking twice. If naughty and one has been deep in the threads, you know what happens! No Gear under the tree for you!


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Brings a whole new meaning to NGD… No Gear Day! :cry:


No Gear Day ? Disaster :scream:

I know and am not counting on Santa. Dell has a great sale on notebooks… Very tempting to snag one. If so, it will never make it under any tree!


I have only found info so far that suggests Topics do not get organised into pages.

Once a topic reaches and exceeds 50 posts a ‘summarise’ button appears

This will select 10% of the replies (those that have received the most likes / replies as measured by likes, replies, quotes, read time, etc. Then you can dynamically expand and contract the replies to those selected posts.

As mods, we can perhaps spilt into new topics when something becomes unwieldy - though that is onerous and not applicable in some of our longest topics.

Another option available is to direct people to reply differently if and when appropriate. There is an option to ‘Reply as linked topic’.
This creates a brand new topic but one that is linked to the source. Click on the curved arrow above the text pane where you type your reply for this option. See pic.

I’m not sure how useful that one will be but it is there and time will tell.

I haven’t found anything else yet.

Thanks Richard!
Your a champ!


Interesting is the “summary” an automated process or selectable.
The redirect has possibilities but it would be nice to have a mirror copy of the environment in which to test such things.

Now get yourself a sherry and chillax !! :santa:

I think LBro was talking about length of Sub-categories, the never-ending scroll as more and more Topics are created, like AVOYP

Yep, DP is correct!