How many lessons/modules in total?

Don’t know if this has been asked before but does anyone know how many lessons there are in the JG course in total from start to finish? Maybe someone on the tech side might know; it will save me counting them

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I have counted Grades 1 and 2.

Grade 1 has 75 lessons.

Grade 2 has 68 lessons.


Thanks Richard. So that’s an average of 71.5 per Grade. And with 7 Grades that would make 500 lessons though I think some of the higher grades could have more lessons. Eitherway with a target of one lesson per day it would take more than a year to get through the lot.

I don’t think the grades are all complete, I think Justin has just finished fleshing out grade 3

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I don’t think you can look at learning in such a linear fashion. It takes lots of time (not just practice time, but time away from your instrument) for the new concepts to settle in and for your ears+fingers+brains to combine everything together and put into something that actually resembles music.

Or to use a silly example: I saw a lesson on YouTube at some point on how to get faster with downpicking 16th notes. The lesson goes from 40 BPM to something insane like 160 or 180 bpm. I’ve been doing it for years, and I am still not there.

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I’d argue the opposite. The higher grades hold your hand less, so if you aren’t counting the style modules, I’d say there are less videos in the higher grades.

I was going on the fact that Grade 6: Jazz Standards for example is 2 1/2 hours long.

The higher grades definitely have some videos that are really long, but the style modules in the higher grades aren’t really meant to be consumed in the same way that they are in the first 2 grades. So, I wouldn’t count them the same way I would all the grade 1 & 2 lessons.

I’d separate Justin’s lessons into 2 distinct styles and for that reason I don’t really think it makes sense to look at everything in how long it would take to get through.

  • Grades 1 & 2 hold your hand and are very broad so you are supposed to go through them linearly.

  • The Grade 4+ modules have broad general lessons + very specific style modules that aren’t really made for everyone. From my understanding, they are not designed to be consumed in a linear fashion with the general lessons but whenever you want with the thought that whatever grade they are in are about the time you are ready for them.

Grade 3 bridges the gap between the very structured lessons of 1 & 2 and the less structured ones in grade 4+.

What I’m trying to say is: you might get to grade 5 and not want anything to do with folk finger style. The structure of those lessons is designed to accommodate that. So you may not go through all of the videos in the same way you would in the earlier lessons.

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@rorystrat you forgot to include all the lessons. There are 11 other categories on Scales, Technique, Songwriting, arpeggios etc etc. Then there is all the lessons in the play ground. There are probably over 1000 lessons. Then there are all the song lessons over 700 and Justin isn’t finished

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no way you can do one lesson per day. I’ve been on grade1/mod 1 for 2 weeks now and still not quite ready to proceed.

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I would definitely agree that a “lesson a day” is not going to learn you guitar. Some lessons, sure, but many will want a week or more of practice. Then groups of lessons will need periods of development and consolidation.

I worked through most of grade 3, and a couple of grades of my classical course over 1.5 to 2 years and probably haven’t actually looked at another lesson for the past several months, as I am practicing and consolidating a lot of skills and working on several songs that I want to feel more confident with before I move on.

How long will this phase last? I don’t know, as long as I need.

It depends where you are on your guitar journey. I’ve been playing for over 50 years (with some big gaps). I’m using the beginners course as a refresher. Now I’m trying to fathom how it will take to get back up to speed.

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The only issue i have with giving ample time to each module (at least two weeks, if not four) is that it means I’m spending a lot of time practicing in everything to a seemingly permanence (that’s mostly good). Like it doesnt seem unreasonable to spend a year per grade. But then I realize oh there’s technique modifications in grade 3/4 that I’ll have to practice out and replace with different hand behaviors to permanence after I’ve been doing things this way for over a year. I mean, Im not complaining though. Justin has been teaching a long time, he knows his stuff about how people learn and the most effective methods to teach them. I wouldn’t suggest anything different. I cant learn everything all at once, though I wish I was a freak of nature who could. But it does make me realize I’m already dreading having to modify some beginner techniques later on, or because of anatomy differences I’ll also eventually have to modify beginner techniques later. I suppose its all part of this amazing ride.