How often do you break strings when bending?

How often do strings break while bending? The high E “twanged” while I was practicing lick 1.

Well it does happen, but pretty rarely if everything else is in good order. I wouldn’t worry too much if it’s just once. I had a repeated problem on my tele and had to polish a couple of the frets which solved it. Sometime saddles can have burrs which cause problems too. You can get some clues by checking where the break happened.

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Broke around the fifth fret.

I would check the frets seem smooth and polished around that point. If not you might be able to polish them with fret rubbers. Strings do break though, so everything could well be cool.

Thanks for your advice. I think I’ll take this opportunity to do some fretboard inspection/cleanup and install a new set of strings.

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Depending on the brand/model of string, you can buy individual strings. I bought a few Ernie Ball 8G e-strings after I snapped one while bending. Ironically I haven’t broken one since!

:rofl: Wow, my bends sound like a dying cow screaming. Hopefully, in a few weeks, my technique will improve or my ears will bleed :rofl:

Well, at least you are getting some emotion in your playing. :laughing:


Strings break, the thinner strings break more often esp if you are rocking lights.

Its worth checking over where they break just in case but they are a consumable…

I worry more about them popping out the saddle on my Floyd Rose. The B and E string both slipped out last week and I wasn’t even bending! I’d tried not to over tighten but it’s gotta be pretty tight evidently.

I Have only broken a string once and that was the high e the first time I tried to change my strings.

Broke two high E strings while tuning in the last weeks… on different guitars
Hurts to open a set for just one string :see_no_evil:

I don’t break them to often when bending, but I have had that happen too.

I’d guess one of the higher strings will break about once every half year or so. Maybe further in between even.

Yep, That’s exactly what I do too when I break one. Replace them all.
Plus minor general guitar maint. while the strings are off.

Its worth having a spare supply of high e strings.Most places sell individual strings.

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Just finished installing new strings. Tuning ever so carefully. Then….”TWANG!!” Took a deep breath, put the guitar down, slowly, went into the fridge and got a beer. Sat by the wood stove and contemplated the vagaries of the universe.


Broke a string tuning up? Where did this one break, I assume at the saddle or tuning peg?

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This is guaranteed to stop them snapping :rofl:

I went through a phase during Justin’s old Blues Lead course and was breaking e’s pretty frequently. So I ordered a dozen individual 9s from Thomann just in case and then went about 18 months before the next went ping !!



I did the same (with 10s). One other thought if you’re breaking a lot is to keep in mind that there are quite a lot of counterfeit strings on the market these days. If you’re buying cheap on ebay or similar, be aware.

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I believe it was at the tuning peg, probably due to my incompetence.

Unable to accept defeat, I’m going to try again. If unsuccessful, I’m going to douse my guitar in lighter fluid, set it aflame, and toss it on the woodpile.

Nah, I won’t do that. I like this guitar too much.

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