How should I be interpretting the strum pattern in the app?

Should I be trying to follow the strum pattern provided in the app or just strumming on the indicated notes?

I’ve tried following the strum pattern for a few songs and it sounds wrong. It could be that I’m not strumming right though.

Hi @MarkRobinsonCa, first of all: welcome to the forum! The app is mostly aimed at grade 1/Grade 2 students and as such, provides an often simplified chord sequence and a suggested strumming pattern that’s easy enough for this target group. This way, beginners can play the song close enough to the original, but it might indeed sound somewhat different. But there is no rule saying you HAVE to apply the suggested strumming pattern. If you think another one sounds better then just play the other one :slight_smile:

Have fun!

I am quite the beginner myself and I do use the app. Lately I just strumm accordingly to inspiration and what feels and sounds good to me, not really going for exacts sound of the original song rhytm guitar. But I usually use only the songs I like so I “know” them well, and I only need chord diagrams, lyrics and some practice to do it. With me it is quite possible that today I will strumm a little differently as last week to the same song. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Sometimes I even run the song in the app on the mute (no sound) and I just play and sing along. It would be also a great feature if I could disable the band and get only vocals in the app. So I would do the band myself. Now I can only disable vocal…

You can do this (and much more) in the Moises app. Works for any song too.

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Perhaps sometime in the near future. Good to know, thanks for sharing :+1: