How to Add Fills to Your Rhythm Guitar

This lesson explores the concept of strumming fills, which you’re probably already doing without realizing it!

Justin talks about doing fills without knowing you were doing it. He is right about that. I have noticed I seem to play the fills matching the lyrics tempo. Is that ok???
Or is the Too much going on with the strumming and the lyrics at the same time?
(Hope this makes sense)

If I was to pic out notes to match lyrics tone I would be playing the melody which is ok.

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Does it sound cool? Then it’s cool.

One comment though: I have not seen the video, however, so maybe this is not the point, but often the fills come in the pauses between lyrics. (I wonder if the word “fill” comes from filling the empty space in the pauses in the melody line?) In any case, here’s a good example, where George puts in a fill lick after almost every single line of lyrics:


One think I picked up on whilst practicing all the strumming is when useing my accoustic. I find it harder to play softly with it, and this video picks that up nicely in the ghost strumming added in bar 4. For me I could do with an entire section just on ghost strumming lol.

Killing my softly with this is NOT AN OPTION lol…



I play loud, louder & loudest! The only ghost sound is when I set my guitar in the case!

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