How to adjust the action on an electric guitar?

I think that I need to adjust the action on my latest electric guitar as it appears a little high compared to my other one. Have looked for a lesson on JG’s site but couldn’t find anything.

Could someone advise the best way of doing this.

Thanks for that. Just what I need. Not sure here this is located as I couldn’t find an ‘all classes>gear’ section.

Its under All Classes >> Guitar, Amps and Effects. Not sure why the page category says All Classes >> Gear.


I’m sure someone in the know will know:-)

Find a guitar tech in your area and get a decent setup. Money well spent.

I set up my electric myself just from watching videos and reading guides.

Could quite understand it exactly from the video series tbh, I found there was too much “you’ll know when it feels right” from a luthier. A newbie like me needed some specifics, so I used this: How do I set up my Stratocaster® guitar properly?  · Customer Self-Service. I have a Squier Strat, there will surely be info somewhere on whatever guitar you have.

Made a massive difference btw - the action was REALLY high, now it’s as low as I can get it without fret buzz and I love it.

Saw a video on YouTube, titled " Making An $85 Guitar Play Like A $1000 Guitar", which covers it.