How to ask questions during the live classes on zoom

If i’ve to ask questions during the live class, should i message Justin directly in the zoom chat?

There is a tab you hit on the top right of the screen on zoom that says Q&A, hit that and ask away. The moderator wil see the question and let Justin know.



Or bottom of page on Windows. If it does not show hit the three dots, as it likely hidden along with the Chat window access. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for joining the live class Vivek.

Please don’t ask questions that you specifically want to send to Justin in chat. They will likely get lost in the traffic. Also, Justin will probably not be monitoring the live chat - it can get very busy and is really distracting when presenting a live session.
He does have the Q&A on a separate monitor and will view it periodically. And the moderator(s) are monitoring Q&A too and at times through a live session will use read some / all of the questions to Justin to respond.
One further thought, for open sessions, such as 9th January, any question is good. For topic driven sessions, please keep questions relevant and on topic.
Richard :slight_smile:

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Thank you Richard