How to avoid accidental pull offs?

I have come across a consistent and annoying issue with my playing. Whenever I change strings, like playing a perfect 4th interval for example, as I am making the string change, the string that I’m lifting my finger off of rings, like an unintentional pull off. How do I fix this?

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Hi Gokul,

Check out this lesson, it will help with this:

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This helps a bit, but a part of the problem still remains. Let’s say that according to the exercise in the video, I’m on the 5th fret of the 5th string, executed the roll, onto the 7th fret of the same string, again rolled. Now when I lift my 3rd finger off of the 5th and 4th string to make way for my first finger to play the 5th fret of the 4th string, it still results in a very minute pull off. Either way I eventually have to lift my finger from a string, and everytime I do this, it results in the pull off. It’s not very prominent per se, but it has caught my ear and has now become an annoyance.

Have you looked at string muting techniques? Using your picking hand to mute unwanted strings can lessen this effect.

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I try and slide my finger down or up the string as I release when this happens

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Hi , sorry I replied to thinking you were the original poster .

What you’re doing there sounds good.

Can you also not just use the first finger to play both notes? Or is it a specific exercise that doesn’t allow it ?

I wonder if this is too some degree unavoidable, if it’s just a small ringing out. I played through the exercise and second time muted slightly with my palm which changed the feel of it but gets rid of any ringing. But you don’t want to palm mute everything.


Hi Lewis, just an example I found in the current song I’m learning. It’s just another ‘tool’ for the set I guess. I use it all over the place. I like a cranked amp and soft touch so just helps to clean it up in places.

I would say most of the time it doesn’t matter but just the odd place the ringing can sound off.

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In your case Dave there are two options to improve the ringing out - first probably won’t work because of the song you possibly play but couldn’t you utilise your second finger to play 1st string and leave first finger to mute bass string?

Second option is to use your strumming hand to mute bass strings and that’s what I would do if song would require using second finger elsewhere. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

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Hey see my comment above to liaty, option 2 applies here as well :slight_smile: I can’t find the lesson but Justin somewhere explained how to execute this technique correctly, basically as you move down with your palm different areas are touching differebt strings and with practice your palm will become more sensitive and you will understand how much you need to angle your right hand to mute particular strings :slight_smile: hope that helps a bit

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I haven’t particularly. I’ll check it out.

I see. I’ll try palm muting. Thanks for the input!

Wouldn’t this to some degree change the feel of your playing? That’s how I felt going through your playing. I’ll explore the solutions that came up in this thread and try to update as to what worked for me. Thank you!

Noted. I’ll have to play through the different solutions. Thanks!

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(Palm muting is in last section)

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