How to find the 'Great Guitar Player Profiles' page?

Hello, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I was looking for the profiles of great guitarists that Justin did. I watched one on BB King and also Albert King and was interested in checking out more. I cannot seem to find them since the website revamp (otherwise excellent). Any ideas anyone? I’m using this community for the first time today so kind of feeling my way here.


Could not find anything on the Kings but in the Playground section there are some interviews you may be referring to. There’s some additional ones on the old website as well but again no Kings. Maybe they are just on YouTube?

New site
Guest Interviews
Old site

Hope that helps.


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Interesting as that does not show in the Playground drop down menu. Did you find it “all lessons” ?


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Many thanks to all of you and socio in particular. Its there under the link provided and is filed under ‘All Classes’ then ‘Playground’. Plus it’s remembered that I have watched BB and Albert King already. Much Appreciated, thank you.

Toby, I found it filed under playground videos. There are a lot of very useful videos buried in the depths of the website. I was learning a song the other week that used the C shaped D chord, and a quick Google search brought up Justin’s 58-second video. So, I’ve just been working my way through them all and liking the lesson videos to add the ones of interest at the moment to my dashboard, similar to adding the songs that I want to learn.

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The other King to look for is Freddie King, the three of them together were known as The three Kings of the Blues.

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@BobW72 Bob, thanks for asking the questions, which I think highlights an issue. I’ve edited the title of the post and moved to (what I think) is the appropriate Sub-category.

@Socio James, glad you were able to answer this; much appreciated

@laryne @Barnatab Laryne, Barbara: I think this highlights a gap on the lesson map and also perhaps a doubled-up use of the word ‘Playground’ in the web-site UX. I’ve done some exploring and the screen shots below illustrate the point. I think maybe we need to review the "Lesson Map’ and ‘All Lessons’ pages to ensure that people can find everything via either page. Perhaps the word ‘Playground’ as per the second screen shot needs to be changes and included on the ‘Lesson Map’. Hope this all makes sense.

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Thank you for pursuing this, I would not have thought at looking at the bottom of the main page for the Playground entries due to it being a “main” section in its own right. This may explain why there are other things I can no longer find since the update. I just put it down to age :rofl:



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Re: Guitar Greats profiles. If it was to be revisited. I totally understand that Justin and his team are no doubt very busy. I submitted this to song requests earlier. This is a clip I come back to time and time again. It shouldn’t really work, he’s chosen a guitar to match his clothes (or vice versa) , pulls ridiculous faces and licks his hand (apparently he cut himself). A ludicrously talented musician, sadly no longer on earth. Hope the link works. Prince - Empty Room Prince Empty Room - YouTube