Suggestion: Provide a a way to add particular lessons (e.g. skills lessons, playground lessons) to my dashboard

Hi David, One thing that I was looking for was a way to add particular lessons (e.g. skills lessons, playground lessons) to my dashboard. That way, I can plan my additional lessons and track progress. There are a lot of diamonds hidden on the website, which I want to ensure I make the most of and not forget they are there.

@Socio Thanks for the suggestion, James. I’m going to split this off and refer to the team.

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Jason do you use My Learning Journey under the Journey “tab” on the main Dashboard page.
I use this to do what you are suggesting as I am not a lover of MPA. The In Progress selection, shows me everything I am working on at the moment and their status.



Toby, yes, I use the My Learning Journey. But what I have found is if, for example, I go into a skills course and let’s say I want to plan to do the Technique General Course later on how do I add that course to my favourites to save having to navigate back to the skills course section? If I go into each module of that course, I can add each module as a favourite but don’t have the option to add the full course as a favourite. For My Learning Journey it would be good to have Planned, In Progress and Completed.


I agree and that’s was the case before things were revamped and MPA added. I still have loads of lessons marked as saved and no easy way to access, other than trawl through the whole lot.

I use a work around where I’ll start lesson 1 of a module and let it run to conclusion. That gets it added to MLJ In Progress and I can track and move forward from there. Not ideal but it works for me.

Biggest bug in MLJ In Progress for me, is having 3 entries for Grade 2 everything completed and it won’t go away, which was raised on the old forum and again here and I know of others with similar completed lessons/modules/grades that stick.

But hey when did we ever live in a perfect world.

The trees been shook, lets see what falls out. :wink:



I’m afraid I long ago gave up trying to use any of the dashboard and website functionality to keep a record/reminder of my progress.
I found I was spending more time messing around trying to add and delete things than I was actually playing! I’ve never got any of the stats thing to work either.
I’m probably not a good example as I use my phone to access everything but I find the whole package completely non intuitive.

Did I mention I keep a spreadsheet ! :rofl: