How to Fix Loose Electric Part in Acoustic Guitar?

Hi All. I’m about start to learn to play the guitar AGAIN lol but I’ve just noticed the electronic thing in my acoustic guitar is flailing around. I’ve attached a picture because I’m a beginner and don’t know what I’m really talking about.

I think I remember it being at the top of the sound hole where I could access it to change some settings if I played it plugged in (volume etc). I’ve never played it plugged in.

Does anyone have any advice on how I should fix it? Do I just glue or tape (any specific glue or tape) it back on where I think it was lol?

If you’re really unsure how to do this, can you take it to a shop for a day or so, they will see to that very easily for you. It would be a very cheap issue to deal with.


Thanks @Libitina. Taking it to a shop would be difficult for me, though if I really get stuck I may be able to sort something in the new year.

I’ve been watching some videos and do think I could do it myself. The rest of the pre-amp parts / wiring etc still seems to be intact, so it’s just the bit floating around in there that should sit at the top of the soundhole, so I can access the controls.

I think now I’m just looking for any suggestions on type of super glue or type of double sided tape to use, and if anyone has any recommendation on super glue vs tape.

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I think double sided tape would be ok in the short term but not a great fix as not much contact area so, if my guitar was like that I would opt for an epoxy and hold that in place with a strip of masking tape until its fully set, then remove the tape.


Can you see how it was held in before? That would be the first thing I would check. Any indication on the circuit board on how it was held in place?

I doubt whether superglue would work as it’s not ideal for rough surfaces like wood. Epoxy would certainly work but doesn’t really give you the option of ever taking it out again without ripping a chunk off your guitar and probably destroying the circuit board in the process.

Double sided tape is easy and will be strong enough… and it’s reversible!

Another option might be the velcro they use on pedal boards. That is really strong and it means it can be easily removed if necessary.

That’s a PRS, right? I’d contact them and ask for advice on how to re-install it.

Hi @oztelemann and @markr31. I can’t tell from looking at it what it was held there with. I’ve worked out it’s a Fishman GT1 and from googling I think they may use a double sided tape.

I emailed PRS earlier and have now received a reply from them: they suggested a small dab of hot glue or a medium viscosity super glue on the plastic mounting pad and pressed to the guitar.


OK - they all sound like feasible options. If there is a plastic mounting pad then glue shouldn’t mess up the circuit board.

I strongly recommend double sided tape, gorilla tape is a good option. It is reversible, will not damage the electronics and shields the electronics from the vibrations when playing the guitar.


Good points @Alt148. That is what I would be using too.

I’d recommend sticking your phone inside the guitar and take some pictures to see what you’re dealing with.

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The recommendations by @Alt148 and @stitch have given are the best way to go, Gorilla tape is really good and will stick well to anything. In this case I would recommend using a small piece of it to clean any dust from the area where the offending part needs to be stuck, that way the surface will have already have been cleaned by what you wany to stick to it :sunglasses: