How to get an mp3 from a YT video

I’ve been using one that @CT Clint recommended. Can’t remember the name, I think it had the word Shark in it. I’ve deleted the link from my bookmarks because last time I used it, after I’d downloaded the mp3 it sent me to a porn site.

There are heaps of them on offer. I’m wary of trying something not recommended though.

Any suggestions please?

Couple of options I’ve used:

  • A chrome extension called chrome audio capture: Chrome Audio Capture - Chrome Web Store
    You basically tell it to record now, press play, stop recording when video ends and it creates an mp3 for you. Pretty nifty and works for any audio, not just youtube videos. It’s also a good option cause you never have to worry about ads. Bad side is you’ll have to hit record, play the entire video, and hit stop recording once it ends so it’s a longer process.

  • Whenever I want to just use a straight youtube to mp3 converter I just go to this wikihow page: How to Convert YouTube to MP3: 6 Safe & Easy Methods It has a list converters (some of which I’ve used) and I’ve never had any problems with the ones I’ve tried. Then again I also have an ad blocker extension as well which filters a ton of ads. All of these sites have them but some use more reputable ads than others.

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Sorry about that. The web is an ever changing hellscape of deprivation. Just search for “youtube to mp3 converter.” A large number of links will be presented. Most will not lead to pron sites.

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@CT it was good for so long. @adi_mrok has sent me another one that didn’t send me to the saucy wenches.


@alexisduprey thankyou so very much for the detail Alexis. It freaked me out being sent to a porn site.


SNAPDOWNLOADER will download all common and video formats. Also has a trim facility if you just want a section, which negates the need to use an additional video or audio editor. Will add link when next at pc.


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Not freeware but inexpensive and reliable.

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Thankyou very much @TheMadman_tobyjenner I appreciate your help very much.

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@Richard_close2u :laughing: you’ve summed it up ever so well Richard!

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