How to join Club Whatsapp groups?

Technology Question:
I have never used WhatsApp…
How do we access the Vintage Club WhatsApp group, or any of the club groups on that App?



I checked all the Clubs pages on the website and cannot find the invitation link. I guess @Richard_close2u can (he probably already did) send you the invite link to join the group privately (to prevent a bunch of bots joining to spam).

Personally though, I think that chat groups are not suitable for this kind of communicatio, but that’s a discussion for another time. (Keith already explained it much better here).

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There is a link included in the confirmation email you receive when you sign up for a club session.

My suggestion is: don’t bother.

They have already stated that the WhatsApp group will not have any information in it that won’t be available on other channels.



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