Live Clubs - Whatsapp groups & the Community

Hi Richard,

I am curious how you see the different Clubs, among which the older Dogs one to which you have just invited us, and the live video’s would relate to the community. The Whatsapp group for instance of the Blues Club is a bit chaotic and the content gets snowed under by the very many folk that are in there, bound to ask the same type of questions repetitively. In the community, the advantage is that one can go over older topics, and contribute, also at a later stage.

All the best , enjoy the Holidays and all the best for the New Year


Hi Tjeerd.

Good question.
The whatsapp issue has been raised a few times. I know that @Majik and @sairfingers have made comment.

Initially the idea was for it to be a quick means of announcing events and sending people reminders of a pending live club with the link etc.
They have become another place where people ask questions and engage as a sub-forum group.
This may be a subject under discussion in 2024 - what are the Whatsapp groups for.


I’ll just leave this here:




In addition, I’m not in favour of sharing private data like the phone number with other users. If a different way of communication could be found I would highly appreciate that.


I suppose this topic was bound to crop up sooner or later, had thought about raising it myself but didn’t.
I have joined three of the WhatsApp groups but only to see what was going on, no intention to take an active part just be an observer. If I was to say anything it would be to direct people to the web site or community to get an answer. I suppose it is too early to see how it is going to turn out but if they were a detriment to the Community then I for one would be disappointed
It would be interesting to know how many of those in the groups are also community members.

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I’m in the same boat as @franzek. I think, we have a great platform to discuss and share information. The platform is clear and structured, no need for an additional sub group on a second platform. I still wonder about the purpose of the additional Whatsapp groups. But there might be some reason I don’t see atm…


I have to put the whatsapp group ( old dogs ) on silent during the night or the working day.
Joined as thought I would miss something, but think it would be done better as a page in this community.

Though should be meeting up with another Geoff in January to try and play something together, so thats a positive, because of the whatsapp.

I’ve commented about the WhatsApp group in other posts so don’t want to repeat myself but I’ll quickly recap.

I joined the group as I thought it would be used to pass on information about the live tuition sessions.
I quickly removed myself from the group a couple of days later because -

  1. I realised everyone’s phone number was visible.
  2. Any useful question/answer was very quickly lost amongst dozens of comments such as “Hi I’m …… from……” or “Hi what rig y’all using”.

A WhatsApp chat is just one long jumbled thread. Imagine if this Community site had only one thread and every post on the hundreds of topics were all mixed up in a thread containing thousands of posts. Useless.

However I can understand that Justin wants the largest audience possible and nowadays everyone looks for the highest possible profile using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc etc.
I for one have enough difficulty keeping up with what’s happening on this Community site as it’s so busy.


If you haven’t already, I recommend muting subforums that don’t really interest you. It dramatically cuts down the number of new posts in your feed.

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Yes, it took me a while to find this, but it’s really worth it.

For those who don’t know it’s in the Preferences → Tracking screen.


@jacksprat @oztelemann
Thanks guys but let’s not get off topic here😃

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For me Facebook, whatsapp or anything else that Meta produce are not used, nor do I intend to. Hopefully all info concerning Justin Clubs will remain on the website and in the community.


It 100% will :slight_smile:


Here , here. !!

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