How to maintain a songbook

Hey community,
Maintaining accompaniment songs, that is chords is easy but i also play fingerstyle: i learn a piece or a song, play it from memory and then forget it after a while.
This means even after learning several pieces in fingerstyle, at a given moment i can play nothing.
How do i fix this??

I learn fingerstyle through youtube currently.

Similar situation when learning a melody on piano.

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Minimize using tab when you learn and then play a piece (tab can be a reference, but use your ears more).

Revisit pieces on an interval, and if you can’t recall it, shorten the interval between times you play it.


Hello Avleen, this happens to me as well. I think that spending some time to drag a song from memory after a while I’m not playing it is a necessary step. I also think it useful as a beginner that 3 chords song should be my option, nevertheless I must confess I’m guilty to often choose more complicated songs :see_no_evil: I’ m studying Classical Guitar as well and I need to say that as regards fingerstyle, Music Standard Notation works as a very useful shortcut for memorising. I think there’s something special about being able to play from memory, it’s kind of re-constructing the piece each time you play it.