How to make a recording with a Webcam, as simple as possible

Well you have put me on the spot with this one. I could use a phone in this case but what would I use to edit?

I do have a webcam used for Teams (for work meetings) so could use that but don’t have any recording/editing programs. Any ideas?

I’ve taken the liberty to shift this into a new Topic in an appropriate Sub Category to avoid cluttering JK’s topic about playing technique.

Perhaps the simplest approach to make a recording with a Webcam is to use a virtual meeting app, such as Teams or Zoom. Start a new meeting with yourself the sole participant, camera on, and record the meeting.

For a video such as what Richard is suggesting you don’t need to worry too much about editing. Just don’t take too long from starting the meeting recording and starting to play. Similarly stop meeting recording when you are done playing.

But if you want to edit the video, when I first started I used Microsoft MovieMaker (I assume you are using a Windows computer). I’ve moved on from that but assume an equivalent free app would still be readily available.

The sound quality would be dependent on the quality of the webcam mic. Some people have participated in Community OMs using just a webcam and its built-in mic and the audio quality was quite OK.

Note in those apps that you need to attend to device settings for audio and remove things like echo cancellation. Look for the options that will give the best quality.

That should be sufficient as a starting point.

If you scan through the Topics in this Sub-category, you’ll find Topics about using an app called OBS which is what many of us are now using on Windows computers to make recordings. IT is pretty straight-forward but as I say, probably not necessary for the fist clips to show technique and get some feedback.

Hi Stuart, I had a similar question I asked myself and told my future daughter-in-law about it. She’s doing a lot of stuff for her small business for social media with a free video editor called Capcut.

It’s available at Google Play, Apple Store and there’s a free download for windows at the website. I didn’t try it yet, but she creates some really nice videos with it. Obviously it has a lot of useful functions.

Super tip David, :sunglasses: … but at the same time also a little bit depressing if you do this, … a meeting with yourself,… :grin:

Stuart, just use your phone. Perfectly good for what you want. Press start, do your thing, press stop and that’s it. No editing required. Ok, you’ll record the bits where you switch the phone on and off, but hey, I’ve done that on all my AVoYPs.
The one time I tried to edit my video I deleted the part I wanted to keep and ended up with only the switching on and off bits. :joy:


We’ve all probably done that, Gordon :rofl:


@sairfingers for context sake, Gordon, the conversation took this turn due to Stuart commenting on not getting a great sound from phone recordings.

Yes but Stuart is looking for feedback on hammer on flick off techniques. He doesn’t need surround sound Dolby for that. :smiley:

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What phone do you have? Plenty of in built apps that allow you to trim your video, just record until you get what you want and trim it down like Gordon suggests. Recording a meeting on Zoom seems bit over the top imo.

If you plan to use the laptop then Windows 10 has in built movie viewer with trimming option too.


Not sure if I am off base with this comment, feel free to ignore. From reading this thread and the other part of the thread, Stuart mentions the thinness of sound of the recording from the phone.

I think it could be the difference in where the sound is being heard from that you are hearing. On my acoustic the recorded sound when played back sounds very different than how it sounded to me live. Recorded, I can hear individual strings rather than the blended sound I hear live. It sounds more like raked strums than a steady strum.

It is something to get used to, and can be quite shocking when you first hear it.

If this is the case Stuart the result with the webcam may be the same as the phone, and rather than a recording quality problem may just be an artifact of recording location. I guess if you recorded close to your ear, it might sound the same as you hear live.

Hi Stuart,
At the risk of making no sense what I’m saying because I’m missing the whole point…but when it comes to listening back to your own sound on a phone (which always sounds lousy( with my phone)) you can still just listen back with headphones on?,…that sounds way better,…

I’ll have a look at this but would want to edit out the chaff.

I’ll have a look at this thanks.

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Looks interesting thanks.

A very old Samsung!

Have a problem with headphones and my aids!!

Still not managed to sort this to my satisfaction. Video is OK using OBS but audio is rubbish at the moment. I generally play at a low volume so any mics are not picking this up. Not sure what to do at this point with the audio, although I am trying a separate microphone connected into my pc positioned near the amp.

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