How to memorize CHORDS

Hi, there’s nothing much I have to say here. I wanted to share this video I found in the comments of an old Reddit post that’s helped me a lot with chord changes. I hope it helps you too:

(I almost forgot to add this) Part 2:

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Sorry for the low quality. These videos are old.

Interesting technique, thanks. I’d be interested to know the subreddit this was posted on

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I might try to find it later. I’ll link it if I do.

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Just scroll down and find a user named joffa101. They posted the link in the comments.

Thanks, I’m a big fan of reddit but never really used it for guitar related info. Acoustic Guitar forum is another fav of mine

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Thanks for sharing, Vincenzo.

The form, remove, touch knee, form repeat approach is a good one and has been shared here in a few different places before. It was great to see it shared by another teacher.

I’m not convinced it is the best way to go straight to that though. I think the form, strum, pick (each note) strum repeat approach is a good way to begin.

It is helpful to keep in mind Justin’s mantra ‘Practice makes permanent (not perfect)’ so one needs to take things slow to make sure you practice correctly, minimising mistakes. If you do it wrong repeatedly then you’ll make that permanent, which is to be avoided.

Justin’s air changes and one minute changes are also tried and tested, proven learning strategies.


I agree with DavidP that this is a good technique to have in your bag but it is not the best way for complete beginners.

How are are you supposed to be able to form a chord in the air if you don’t already know the shape with your fingers on the fret board and that, you learn slowly.

Also most of the time you don’t form a cord completely form scratch but rather move from one chord to another as in the one minute changes exercise.

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