How to Play a Melody on the Guitar

Melodic guitar for beginners! Learn any melody by ear and duet beautifully on the acoustic guitar.

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Does this have to be done with fingerstyle? I struggle with that and prefer to use a pick

First time I’ve ever tried transcribing melodies. Difficult but quite satisfying when you succeed. Have done all but Wish You Were Here so far. For some reason I’m finding that one extremely tricky.

super hard to get. I’m struggling for sure on Let it Be where some of the sections seem easy but others are seem really hard

I wish there were a couple of tips for people struggling or maybe even the complete tab just to check our progress against something

Finding the melody is tricky enough but when Justin plays the Chords and the Melody…wow…that’s where I want to be…but it seems quite advanced.

One thing that really helps me with this…

Be able to sing the melody before you try to play it

I think Justin touches on this in the video, but perhaps he could have stressed it more.

This can be difficult if the part you are working on is outside of your easy singing range, so how well works for you may depend on the song.

I’m finding doing it this way is improving both my guitar playing and my singing.

Songsterr is a good place to start.

The website has tabs that you can view and play online.

Let it be.

To check if the vocals have been tabbed press this button.

In this case the vocals have been tabbed so select it.

Now you can see a tabbed version of the vocals.

Justin is my hero! He has helped an old man make some somewhat musical sounds on his guitar! However, this Melody lesson has got me completely baffled. I wonder if he could take one song and use it as an example? This is one I may have to set on the shelf for a while… In any event, thank you for all you do Justin, it is greatly appreciated!

Don’t feel too bad about that, it’s very hard. I ended up doing the same months ago and haven’t come back to it yet, the future transcribing lessons are much easier.

Thank you for the reply. I guess I get spoiled by Justin’s elegant style and breakdown in lessons. The Melody bit was especially interesting to me because as a little child, I thought that was how the guitar was supposed to be played, like the instrument was singing the song. Ha. I will hang tight and keep plugging away.


Wow this is even harder than trying to transcribe chords, which I was already rubbish at.

This is the one aspect of guitar practice that I absolutely dread, it’s miserable.

@Matt125 Great idea ! The Songsterr website seems cool.

This lesson is a big jump. I have followed all the lessons but this is very hard. I have tried listening to and transcribing house of the rising sun but just don’t get it. I can play from sheet music or tab but just can’t pick up notes from listening to the song, even with the chords. I think It would have helped if Justin had concentrated on one song and ran through it completely, then shown the basics in a second to help get started . I’m skipping this for now and might come back to it later, not a good fit for me just now although I’d love to do some of the fills and playing as Justin did in the video