How to play this?

Would anyone be able to describe how to play this?

These are 16th notes at 74bpm, so there is no time for separate E string bend and B string pre-bend. I think this must be done in a single motion somehow. I tried: 1) play bend E → 2) continue in the same motions until B is pre-bent (ghost bend) to a full tone → 3) play B.
I couldn’t do this, the main problem is that E then needs to go way further in a distance and with string resistance at F17 it looks impossible.

I just want to understand if this is the correct technique to continue with or if there is something further? Do people somehow manage to drop (muted) E after playing the tone and continue with only B pre-bend?

What does it sound like on the origenal recording?
I would prebend the B string with the e and play it while releasing the bend. But not know how it sounds I’d just be quessing. I play mostly by ear and don’t put much stock in tabs. When all else fails use your ears.

The whole section from the screenshot above:

65% speed -
100% speed -

You are right! I tried with comfortable a bit over half pre-bend B and sounds very close. At full speed, it is hard to tell the difference. :smiley:

Thank you!

I woudl read that as

pick 17,
bend up full note,
while being bent pick again and release (aka "prebend)

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So, playing E both times? Or second time B?

Is that GuitarPro rather than the original? Wondering whether sliding up on e string then rolling to b and sliding down on that might be easier.

It is a guitar pro.

That would have to be super fast! :slight_smile: Thank you Paul, I will try that as well.

Sorry I wasn’t clear,
and looking at this, it oculd be 2 things.

If I read this in a literal fashion it would be:
You bend 2 strings at once but first you only pick the e string and then you only pick the B string (that is already bend) to release the bend.


it could be, for notation purposes, you’d be playing both strings on the second pick? Not sure how you note a double string bend in guitar pro otherwise. Perhaps you can but the author “kinda did it this way”. Your ear can be the judge of that, since in my head it sounds reasonable to pick both bent strings there in a solo?

I think it is this, at least it sounds to me close to the original when I play it this way.
Thank you Lieven, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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