How to post a song I did on garage band

How do I take a file I made on garage band and post on the site.

@Jwaters : you should export it from garage band and then upload it to youtube and then post the youtube link here.

Hi Jeff,

You can upload it to youtube or put in in a cloud storage service like onedrive or google drive. Both of those systems allow you to share a file with a link. You could then just post the link here.

Hope that helps.

Thanks guys I couldn’t figure how to do it on utube so did it on sound app

On YouTube, go to Your Videos in the menu on the left, then Create button top right, then upload videos. Drag and Drop the file, or select the file through the windows explorer. Once created you can paste the link from under the video on the right, needs to be unlisted or public, into this forum.

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