How to post a video?

I’m a newbie when it comes to video (even more so than :guitar: ). I made a video with my phone…now how do I post it?


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Hi Michael, there are a few ways. Three easy ways - YouTube, or you could post it in Dropbox or Google Drive.

Looking forward to your video.

Youtube is the easiest just mark it private etc if you dont want people to find it by accident

I agree with Maggie and Rob, Michael, and would suggest YouTube

When you upload you want to set visibility to ‘Unlisted’ not ‘Private’. ‘Private’ makes it visible only to you. ‘Unlisted’ makes it visible only to people who have the link that you would share here. It would not show up on you channel page or in any search.

You can upload your video from phone by sharing the file with YouTube. At least that is how I do it with my Android phone. May be different if you use an iPhone.

To do this you would require a Google account. And I’m not sure if you have to first create a channel on YouTube. If you do I don’t recall that being too difficult (but it’s all difficult until you know how, I know).

Let us know if you need more assistance.


John, ‘Private’ means nobody but you can see it. The setting you want is ‘Unlisted’


Oops! Exactly as David says.

Thanks for the info. I’ve been busy today…hopefully I’ll get a chance to try to post tomorrow.