How to post video from a iphone

Hi all. Trond here from Norway. Been playing for 1 year now, and enjoys every minute of it.
Trying to post a video that i recorded from my iphone, but i cant find out how i do it. Someone have a good idea?

Wish all of you a great day!!

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Hi Trond, welcome to the community!
To post a video you will either have to upload it to YouTube and post a link to the upload or possibly upload it to iCloud Drive and post a link to the URL making sure either is set to the correct permissions for the community to be able to load it.

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Ahh… ok. Thanks!!! Will try that then😁

Welcome to the Community, Trond.

I use YouTube and have a user account with access setup from my phone. When I want to post a video from my phone I select the file and share it to YouTube which takes care of the upload.

But my phone is Android, my user account is a Google Account.

No idea how you might do this from an iPhone, from the Apple ecosystem. Maybe there is a similar approach?

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Hi David! Thanks for the tip. Will try and play around and see if i can make it work… just dont want the vid out on youtube for all too see​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Exactly the same approach on an Apple device David. You share it and decide where you want to share it .

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Don’t worry about it, I use youtube and set permissions for the video to be seen only for people with the direct link (that I post here) so nobody can just find it there.

Also, welcome!

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Trond, as kevin says, you control visibility on YouTube and the setting you are looking for is ‘Unlisted’. That means only people with the link can view the video.


And if you decide to go public with your recordings in the future, you just change the viewing permission. And you will have a history of your development in one place :sunglasses:

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That is a smart idea actually!


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@DavidP Thanks. I have never uploaded videos to YouTube, so this type of info is useful as I consider uploading my first video.

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