How to post videos


Kerina, so far so good. You have access to the Community and have made your first post. Now I suggest making a second to introduce yourself here - #community-hub:introduce-yourself.

Then browse around, enjoy the music and chat.

Hi David. I’m not very good on here :disappointed_relieved:. I don’t understand all the forum symbols
I tried to put a clip of my attempt of 12 bar blue on here. But lost it. No idea were it went lol
I might try my pc rather than my phone app.
Can o get the app on my pc or only my phone? Very confused 66 year old who is not very technical :disappointed_relieved:


That’s OK Kerina, don’t worry, we are here to help.

You can access the Community on your PC using your internet browser. Once you have your browser open you can use this URL to access the Community: You can just type this into the address bar.

Once on the Community then you can access the correct place to create a new Topic for your recording by clicking this link: #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing Click the “+ New Topic” button to create the topic.

Then you need to provide a link to your clip. Can you tell me where the clip is eg on your phone, your PC, YouTube etc. Once that is clear then I can help you further.

Thanks so much for your help. Will try on pc later :+1:.
What is the symbol? Looks like 2 chain links together?

My pleasure. You can click on that chain link icon when editing a new post in order to add a link into your post.

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@DavidP Another useful tip as I learn how to upload my first video.

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