How to protect your trem from discoloration

I picked up a new ibanez Prestige that had a gold low pro trem. I’ve seen people post about getting discoloration from palm muting. Is there any way to protect it from that? I wasnt sure if you could use a clear coat seal it. Or if there was any other product that could potentially help with that side from cleaning it after every use.

Your trem unit has a fairly thin gold coloured plating on top of the base metal. Eventually, any kind of contact, skin chemistry, is going to wear it through … and by eventually, I mean it could be many years of playing before that happens.

Guitars, and their hardware, will show signs of wear and use with age. As long as they remain perfectly functional, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. May as well worry that the frets will get worn :wink:

Well that’s good to know. I was anticipating it happening over months not years but this is all new to me so thank you.

People pay hundreds more for new guitars that have a look called ‘heavy relic’ and look as if they’ve been dragged along behind a car. Your trem will have a natural aged look. Live with it and enjoy :smiley:.


I agree… I think a nice well-played look just adds beauty to the guitar :smiley: :sunflower:

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Which I absolutely cannot comprehend. Most of them don’t look like they’re worn from decades of playing for tens of thousands of hours, they look like someone took a belt sander to them.


No joke there saw some of charvel’s “relic”'ed stuff looked like someone dragged it behind their car off-roading



Don’t pay extra for a damaged/old guitar, store the guitar at my house for free for about 1 month, my driving skills will do the rest… and for the extra sensation I wear pants with zippers on the side :see_no_evil:

The first time I heard of a luthier hitting the body with a bunch of keys…well it’s against forum rules to write down what I thought at the time :blush:



Let’s keep it clean, Rogier :rofl: