How to realistically organize schedule between practice routine and learning songs?

I’m currently on grade 3, let’s say I want to practice 3 songs and I only have 30min/day to play, would it be better to:
Day 1: normal practice routine with exercises etc
Day 2: practice only song1 for 30min
Day 3: normal practice routine
Day 4: practice only song2 for 30min
Day 5: normal practice routine
Day 6: practice only song3 for 30min


Day 1: normal practice routine with exercises etc
Day 2: practice all three songs for 10min each
Day 3: normal practice routine
Day 4: practice all three songs for 10min each
Day 5: normal practice routine
Day 6: practice all three songs for 10min each

I mean, will it make a difference in the long term practicing a song every 6 days for a longer time (the first method, cycling days) vs every other day for a shorter time?
Currently, I’m trying to learn only 1 song and trying to make it perfect and I think this is killing my progress and motivation, that’s why I want to include more songs to practice at the same time.

My input is that songs are important, that’s why we learn guitar, but I like your emphasis on your regular practice as well. My current practice schedule has me working on songs at the expense of everything else, so I’m going to take your post as my motivation to practice more than songs. For me practicing 3 songs in 30 minutes would be better than 1 song for 30 minutes, but not getting to the next 1 for 6 days. I’m still going to overweight on songs though, because they are often specific technique practice as well. And I think for me 15 minutes would be my target for practicing any one song.

I do like working on a few songs at a time rather than just 1 song. Other people might prefer 1 song at a time though.


If it is of any help I can share a bit how I organize my practice.

I progressively add more songs and so few pure exercises

The first week of starting a module I go with the routine as Justine says. In the 10 minutes of song practice I usually practice 2 songs. Then I tend to replace exercises with songs that put in practice those exercises. For example. Now I’m in module 12 and the exercise for sliding power chords now is Iron Man from Black Sabbath. The exercise for palm muting is Symphony of Destruction from Megadeth. And the changes between 6th power cord to 5th string power chords is Smells like teen Spirit from Nirvana.


WOW. Your idea is amazing!

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Hello @Notare and welcome to the Community.

Of the two routines you ask about I would definitely push you towards the second. Working on one song for 30 minutes then not working on it again until a week later is not optimal.

You also acknowledge how taking a perfectioist approach with a song is a drag.
Work on several, improving them all as you go.

Grade 3 is still a work in progress … have you seen this practice routine?

Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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Yeah that’s the module I’m currently on, but let’s be real, it isn’t possible to work on a song in that 5~10min repertoire area, I have to watch a video lesson, then play separate parts in 50% speed, then increase the speed, then try to play the full song etc, that’s why I want to dedicate a full day just for songs.

Hi @Notare

Point taken - if you’re learning sons that are all at the stretching-out end of your ability range. To learn a brand new song in the way you describe does take more than just 10 minutes. Justin’s suggestions at various stages is to keep working on songs you have already learned to some extent and to be improving them plus learning a new song or practicing one that is at the outside limit of your ability level. One day out of a week to dedicate entirely to learning a new song is fine given what you are saying. But one entire session every other day suggests you may be learning too many ‘difficult’ songs at once or you’re going for ‘perfection’ which you acknowledge is causing you issues of motivation.
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The second and still mix it up a little; you could do a little “regular” practice and a big chunck songs (like 2 songs) and the other day the other way around. My advice is to practice the “muscle memory” stuff once every day, even though it is only a small amount of time on some days. The practice-rest-sleep cycles are crucial for the muscle memory parts.

Keep your practice balanced but with enough variety is just like food. variety isn’t only ggood for your appetite, it’s also healthy. besides the variety in dishes, you also make sure you have your daily dode of nutritions


Perfect explanations @Richard_close2u @LievenDV, thank you very much!


I work on a few songs as well and use them as technique practice otherwise i get too frustrated because its so difficult and two because there are so many…

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Admire ow well you structure your time…

Seems reasonable. I admire people who adhere to strict practice,they progress faster but we all have our unique nature. I also rely on these pages for feedback…