How to record on computer

I have a katana mkii. I use the justin app to play songs on my katana while playing along with my guitar. Now i want to record this strait into my computer using the the USB. In tried it using audacity, but 1) the sound of my guitar is weak and 2) the sound of the song is not recorded. Can anyone tell me how to do?


I don’t have a Katana, so the details won’t be familiar to me.

Having the guitar only will actually be handy. It allows you to fiddle with it independently. In Audacity, bring in the track you played to as a separate track and then time-align in Audacity with your guitar track. You can then play them together and you have what you’re after. Export to mp3 or whatever to play outside Audacity.

As for USB, on my Helix, I need to add an extra 10dB to get the volume about right on the recording. Maybe that is something you need on the Katana. There are others with direct experience that will probably know (I’m thinking of @Majik mostly). In general, you probably want the signal levels somewhat high throughout the whole chain and it sounds like yours are pretty low.

Thanks, i will ask Majik for the low input level. For the recording, i want to use it for checking my guitar play. Checking rhythm is right, my improvisations over backing tracks in line etc.

I don’t have a Katana either but I researched it a lot before purchasing my amp. If you want to include the backing track you can use “Record Out” from the headphone jack. You will need an audio input into your computer as opposed to the USB.

Hello, thanks for your awnser. I tried it, but i get no audio on my laptop when recording with audacity. I tried different i/o settings but no results, anyone suggestions?

My laptop has only an headphone out socket, no audio input socket.

I don’t have a Katana any more and, when I had it, I never used it with Windows or with Audacity.

IMO it should work (I can’t see any reason why not) but I don’t know, offhand, why it’s not for you.

The following thread may help:

When you say:

What do you mean by this? How are you listening to your guitar? Are you listening (for instance) via laptop speakers?

Tn my experience, the audio output of the Katana is relatively low by default. You can use the Boss Tone Studio to configure a higher output level.

Audacity not recording sound, to me, like you aren’t using Audacity properly somehow. If you can hear the guitar via the computer speakers then the computer is receiving the signal. If Audacity isn’t recording it, then maybe you have the wrong input or audio host selected on Audacity.



Thanks, i think i have to buy an audio interface and the katana via record out to the interface and the interface via usb to my laptop.

You shouldn’t need to. Maybe try a proper DAW, like Reaper or Ardour.



I Just need to ask a silly questioin here, am I right in thinking that you have one USB cable to the Katana ( the default one that came with it ), what other cables do you have and where do they go.

I have the same Katana and i’ll see if I can replicate what you have in setup .


Besides the USB connection you also could connect the katana with the computer using the phone/record out socket. That only can if your computer has an input for audio.

Thanks, i will see.