How to Sing in Tune

Learn 2 exercises to start singing in tune and keeping your pitch!

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Hey everyone,
First of all thanks so much to Justin and Chris Liepe for this.

I want to try this exercise but have kind of a very noob question, which is… is it possible to do this without a DAW? Is it any other tool to use as a voice tuner to try this out?


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Kevin, I reckon Chris is like a Justin but for singing. While you do have to buy his courses, he sure does have a love for singing, care for his students, and a great approach to teaching that really works … at least it did wonders for me.

But you asked a question.

If I recall the lesson correctly, you can download any pitch meter app onto your mobile phone and use it to give you feedback on your pitching.

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You are FAST David :rofl:
Seriously, I think i’ve said it before but thank you so much for your work and involvement in the community, everyone here appreciates it a lot.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, found one app immediately, seems to work pretty well.

I did sign up for Chris’s free lessons, just going through the first one (after already seeing his videos on Justin’s site) and loving it. His knowledge/attitude is amazing.


Well, if I am at my PC at spot something interesting :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: So just good timing on a Sunday afternoon

In due course I expect you will receive a marketing email with an offer to sign up for Discover Your Voice, the full paid course. Once you receive it then you can decide if you are interested and if you buy the course it is yours to use at your own pace (no pressure to start immediately and complete in the 12 weeks)

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Recording yourself and listening back would be a good start. Mic and headphones to listen to yourself directly ‘live’ is the thing I find most enlightening.

Chris uses some drone tracks early on in the discover your voice course, here are some similar on YouTube, don’t know the channel, just the first one to pop up in a search.

Very useful for honing in on pitch…

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sorry, didn’t checked this post til now :upside_down_face:
@liaty thank you david, I’ll give it a go!
@DavidP thanks again, I finished the free lessons and enjoyed it a lot, got a lot out of them. I’m now seriously considering the “Discover your voice” course, I believe I have 5 days to decide.

Any feedback on that paid course? I’m sure a lot of members of Justin’s site have gone through it.

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I’ve only just started the Discover your Voice course so others would be able to offer more input maybe. @batwoman Maggie?

I think you’ve enrolled in DYV Kevin?

Kevin and Dave, take your time with each lesson, there’s no pressure or time limits. You have DYV for life. If you want feedback from Chris, upload short snippets of some of the exercises, Chris will interact with you. It’s a course that can take you a long way, developing aspects of singing you may not have thought of before. Chris is creative in the ways he teaches techniques and information.

There will be some modules that ring your bell and others not so much. His approach is varied so I know you’ll find all sorts of things that work well for you. He encourages you to keep a journal. If that’s not your thing, keep an audio record or some sort of record, because you’ll find you want to return to things you’ve learned.

I enrolled in December 2020 and I’m still dipping into the course to review things I wanted to improve or explore more fully. I also re-read sections of my journal on a weekly basis to refresh my memory.

Have fun and be amazed at what you learn about yourself and your voice. :man_singer: :man_singer:

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Thanks Maggie :pray:

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