How to stick to guitar when there's so much else to learn and do?

Absolutely love that quote.


Lucky you! :wink: Pehaps you should look at fingerstyle more, and playing bass lines and melody lines separately.Plenty difficult there.

There are many multi instrumentalists though, and nothing wrong with knowing more than one instrument. It does make it more difficult to get really good at a single instrument.

That is already more than many can afford! I guess a lot is about how you practice, how much you learn. If you have a plan, you can follow it.

Good choice!

I don’t think Tom Waits has ever been seen as a virtuoso guitarist? So reaching his level is achievable.

Definitely a master songwriter, though.

That guy has more talent in his blistered ring finger.

Lots of options:

  • Glue
  • Dbl-stick tape
  • Gum
  • Honey (Maple Syrup as well I suppose)

Haha, TOP ANSWER :sweat_smile:

It’s about the joy in the process rather than mastering several instruments.

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