How to supplement course with instructor?

I’d like to supplement the course with periodic, traditional lessons. I met with an experienced teacher from a good shop in my large metro area, but we didn’t know where to start or, more importantly, how we should work together along with JustinGuitar. Has anyone done this successfully? It would be great if there were some sort of guide for combining on-line with traditional. I’m currently working through Beginner, Grade 2 , Module 9 and assume I am progressing normally.

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William, I have not done this so nothing to suggest from practical experience.

My suggestion would be to share your lesson content with the teacher so they know the path your are following, what skills you have developed and what you are focusing on.

The biggest benefit, I think, in the face-face teacher is the immediate feedback on your execution of lessons, and assistance in correcting mistakes before they become bad habits.

That is what I would use the teacher for plus being able to play together, especially when you get to starting to work on lead play.

And the teacher may also add extras to further enhance what you are working on.

As I say, my theoretical thoughts without experience and perhaps others may offer more who have experience.

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If he/she is an experienced teacher then he/she should be able to assimilate your existing knowledge.
If he/she doesn’t know where to start, I’d question their level of experience.


I agree with what @sairfingers said ^^^^.

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You are probably right, but I think I phrased the question badly. More looking for success stories of people combining on-line with in person. Thanks.

Have you thought about supplementing the course with some private lessons with one of Justin’s approved teachers?

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I haven’t, but only because I didn’t know about it. I’ve been mostly on the app so haven’t explored a lot of the web site. I’m initially inclined to help out my local shop as there’s a lot of hungry looking guitar players working in there but am open.

Maybe worth checking out the following page on the website

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