How to:Thumb and Finger strum lesson and with some musical notes over it

I’ve played some chords with some of this technique(into my Ditto looper) and tried something else just on my LL, but couldn’t resist playing this tune over it, and thought…well, I’m going to bore you with it :relaxed:
How to play thumb and vinger strum and “back beat”

Still a lot to improve here…I’d love to hear from you all the bad things


Sounded darn fine to me Rogier, had me twisting away :+1:
See you are still waiting on the parts for the new guitar :wink:
I tease its looking and sounding good.


Thanks Toby,
I have to quickly look for a new computer(
What I really don’t like to search out) so that I can record with the focusrite…now you can also hear the unamplified sound from the guitar…especially when I play chords…but okay, then the first improvement made easy…

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Hi Rogier, the new guitar is looking and sounding good. It’s good to see you having fun with it.

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Thanks James,
She is also so light … :leaves: 2.36 kilos

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Most enjoyable jam, Rogier. You have a fine ear and feel.

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Thanks David,
It has been very hard work for the past 2 years… although work is not the right word choice of course :sweat_smile:

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Hi Rogier, you say there’s a lot to work on but there’s a lot to be happy about as well. Nice sound and very musical.

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Not bored here! A toe tapper up and down the fret board of that cool guitar! Well done Sir!…Rod

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Great stuff Rogier the new guitar is sounding great, you’ve got the feel of it already. Not much to work on in my opinion, your playing sounded super to me.

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Hi @Willsie01 and hi @Rod58 and hi @sairfingers ,

Thank you all for the kind words, :relaxed: … it is placed in this section with the intention that it is played a lot tighter and neater, both the chords and the solo line over it, although I make up that solo on the spot (so then stability is hard for me) …although I’m already starting to see my favorite licks develop…time for new influences…in time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi @DavidP
Sometimes i see "record yourself -progress & prformance "(where i post this)
And than i also see also on the frontpage without the above saying …“Audio-video of you playing”

In my experience one is a bit different from the other … is this correct ?.. or have I just drunk too much tea, :upside_down_face:…Or am I too fast and are you moving something without telling me :joy:

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AOVYP is a sub category of RYPP which also contains other sub sections. So this type of post should be in AOVYP. Saves the Mods having to move things.

Hope that helps.



I guess this is why we need a functioning FAQ section.
@LievenDV @DavidP @Richard_close2u

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Hi Toby,
Wellll…Actually not yet, because first I saw RYPP on the front page and now I see AOVYP … with this video then… When I click it I see rypp again… hopefully I’m now a little clearer…it’s so insignificant, but to me it seemed so clearer that this is the first video of this kind in a whole series and so to see an improvement in a topic hopefully… :grin:

Rogier, #record-yourself-progress-performance is a general category. It is broken into a few Sub-categories eg #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing and #record-yourself-progress-performance:guitar-challenges

And yes, you caught me, I do add the Sub-category quietly in the background when new Topics are created in the general Category. Doesn’t make any difference when people are reading via Latest or Unread. And if you read by selecting the Category you’ll see the Sub-categories and a consolidated list of all the Topics. So I am maybe being a little OCD :laughing:

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It is a shared OCD @DavidP … I have it too. :slight_smile:

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:joy: :rofl:
Luckily it wasn’t me :sweat_smile:…you sometimes hear strange stories about certain types of tea that are wrong with them…just rooibos here, but you never know :upside_down_face:
I’m watching you closely… :rofl: :joy:
Greetings :tea:

I’m also a drinker of rooibos, with a little honey and lemon added.

I will try and behave myself while you are watching :rofl:

Hi Richard,
And what do you call it when you see these kinds of differences when it’s not your job … just a bit crazy? … Or can it be called “a bit OCD”? :relaxed:

I`am drinking this like this right now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:…cheers

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