How To: Thumb & Finger Strums

Great lesson- thanks! Got the picking, downstrum, and up strum and the muting sorted but can’t manage to do the mute/downstrum together yet. I keep getting a fully muted sound. This one will take a lot of practice I think :blush: love that I’ve just learned a new technique.


I agree, great lesson. Seen friends do that type of strum in the past and wanted to do it myself. With this lesson it was quite easy to get the basic strum working with alternating bass. I’ve not tried the muted strum yet, I also struggle with the muted percussive plectrum strum Justin teaches so that might take a little more effort. Got 2 songs on the go at the moment that suit this Thumb and finger strumming. Yay.

This lesson has me itching to get to module 17. I need to pace myself and not rush through 15 and 16 to get there. I have a target date of mid-July to have some decent finger style under my belt.

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Yay, I’ve got one song completely working with the Thumb & finger strums.

This is one I’m waiting to get to as well. I’m wanting to do Lego house by Ed.

Must be patience, must be patience.

Yay, I’ve got 4 new songs fully in my repertoire now thanks to this and a 5th on it’s way.

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