How to turn down the volume for the routine ding?

so i have my computer connected to my amp, and everytime i finish a routine practice it does a ding! wich is fine and all, but it is just so loud and i get jumpscared by it everytime lol, i dont know if im not searching correctly (or i just simply have the volume too high-) but i really wish there was a way to atleast turn the volume down or even disable it. maybe adding that feature on the preferences tab would be nice-

my ears almost ring everytime i finish each routine practice-

@brunohermes1 Bruno, have you tried setting the volume on your computer? I am pretty much a noob on this, but with my amp, I have to set the volume of the incoming signal from my laptop, phone, … on the device itself, not on the amp.

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Hi Bruno,

either you do as suggested above and turn down the volume on your computer or, if you don’t need the β€œbing”, mute either the output of your computer or, in case you still need some other audio output of your computer, simply mute the tab of your browser, where you have the practice assistant running.

yeah thats the thing, i do but then when i start another routine practice i have to turn up the volume again to hear justin, since i use the video players and awlays forget to turn down the volume on the pc

Maybe one for the developers suggestion pot @larynejg

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lol yeah, i was thinking of marking someone but i didnt know who to-

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