How to turn on Vocals on the Beginners Song App

Can anyone help me wok out how to turn the vocals on on the song app. I had to reinstal it because it would never work, in a crap app Im sorry to say, and now the vocals are gone and the FAQs says turn them on the upper half of the screen when opening a song but ive tried a thousand different ways and i cant get them back. Its really drustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As for the App, its great, I just mean how often it fails to load is crap!

Thanks, Adam

The reason it fails to load so often is very likely a problem on your end. I use the app all the time and have few issues. When internet signal is touchy on my phone it can take a while to load or fail entirely, but it never fails on my PC with wired internet. Try connecting your phone to your home internet and sitting nearer your router. Or install it on your PC via emulator.

As for the vocals, not all songs in the app have vocals. When they do, selecting them will give you the options “Band” for just the backing track, “+Vocals” for the backing track with vocals, and “Click” for just a metronome. When they don’t, you will get the options “Practice” which is a midi track without vocals, or “Click” for the metronome.

The developer has said they are looking into adding full backing tracks and vocals to the songs that don’t currently have them, but there’s no timescale on it right now.

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Thanks mate, it would seem the songs Im referring to then have no vocals. I didnt realise that was the case. As for the app, its confusing. Everything else, like every app I ever use, works fine on my tablet but Justins app, fails to load at least 50% of the time. Its really frustrating because I have 15 mins of my practice schedule set aside for songs and half the time im spending all of it trying to get the bloody app to work. Ive updated it, reinstalled it, tried everything, and where i practice is literally 4-5 metres away from the router so I doubt thats the issue. But I never have installed it on my computer. How do you do that again if you dont mind me asking? Because that could ptentially solve the whole issue. Thanks again for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it mate. Cheers, Adam

Hey Again, I worked out what emulators are and installed one and now have the app on my laptop and it seems to be working great so thats awesome. Thanks again for your help, its very much appreciated. Cheers, Adam


You’re very welcome mate, I’m glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile: