How to use a Looper Pedal

Looper pedals are one of the most fun practice tools you can buy, and they'll help your timekeeping! They're awesome - get one now!

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Justin, I really liked your video on loopers and am planning on getting one. Why do you advise against getting one with a drum machine? I imagine it’s for simplicity, but can’t I just turn it off if I’m just starting out?

Welcome to the Community, Keith. I think is just about keeping it simple and easy to get going. You can get something with more feature and not make use of them or invest the time to use the drum beats, which may help with playing in solid time and tempo.

Hi @banjoclan

Yes, I think the recommendation is to keep it simple, because some of the more feature-rich loopers can be a little complex to use.

Personally, I have a Boss RC-3 and I don’t mind the added complexity and have found the drum machine to be a useful practice tool.

YMMV. If you are new to loopers and the concept of looping, a simpler pedal may be better for you.

I will add that one of the features of the RC-3 I liked was the ability to transfer loop recordings to and from a PC, and the 99 loop memory slots to store loops in.

This means if you have created a cool loop that you want to keep, you can save it to your computer as a WAV file and play it back there, or load it into your DAW to use as the starting point for a project.

Or you can transfer full backing track files from your PC to different slots in the looper so they can be at hand to practice over.

It’s not the only looper that can do this, it should be said.

But, again, this adds some complexity of operation and if it’s something you don’t need or wouldn’t use, it’s probably best to go for something simpler.




Have a looper too, had a quick play with it but not sure I am up to layering my own stuff yet be interesting if there was some guides.

I assume a ‘in the key of x’ chord progressions using a low distortion/clean sound then switch to dirty and do some solo stuff using appropriate scales or triads?

Hi Rob,
That’s all possible. Justin has one or more lessons somewhere about building layers…But making such a build is self-explanatory, right? Just for it to sound really good,…well practice and some more practice…Although I did mean my Trio Band Creator with looper (not used the SQ yet),…but the Ditto x2 I have never put a jam track on, or turned the FX button on :upside_down_face:
Greetings and fun with it :sunglasses:

Rob, I moved the reply over to a topic about using loopers. You’ll find a link to Justin’s lesson in the first post of this Topic

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