How To Use Justin's Song App

Lance @kylpqr
You mention the app but later you say the web site can you clarify please, is it both or just one of them.

By the way welcome to the community :grinning:

The login for the App and the website are not the same (yes, it’s confusing).

Many people have reported intermittent problems logging into the App…including my girlfriend (they also double charged her for her annual renewal).

It’s possible deleting and re-installing may fix it…you won’t lose any progress.

If that doesn’t work, contact the App developer directly via the Support menu.

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Yes it is, thank you for the recommendation Tom. I’ll give that one a try. I’ve also found one called Ultimate Guitar Chords & Tabs. In addition to backing tracks, it has tabs as well which is really helpful. Lots of good features, loads of popular songs available, but it’s a big buggy (chords tracking in the tabs is glitchy, metronome is off beat, etc.).

I’ll check out Moises and report back if it works better for me. Just completed Grade 1 - Module 5 yesterday and chose Black by Pearl Jam as my song to learn. So I’m gonna need all the help I can get to figure out the chord changes, so hopefully one of these apps will be a good additional level of support alongside Justin’s play through video.

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