How To Use Justin's Song App

My App is the best way of practicing songs and keep yourself accountable when starting your guitar journey!

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I’ve been only using the app and really look forward to the time that the app and the website communicate. So far I’m loving the app and the course. In fact I’ve been so encouraged that I’m working on understanding theory, something that struck fear in my heart just a month ago.

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I wish I had found this entire site so much sooner, but theres no time like the present!
In my apartment, the spot to practice is in front of my pc, although I could move somewhere else and use my ipad. I will probably do this, but I would be very much thrilled to see cross progression with the website and app, or just the ability to have the paid features tied to your account and accessible either way.
I am just diving into this for the first time tonight but foresee myself paying for the app, I downloaded it and it looks very nice.

For anyone reading this curios about the website - app integration. I can confirm that it’s still not a feature unfortunatley. (there’s information about this in the FAQ - Subscribtion page in the app)

Sorry for the dumb question, on the song app for a song it has a letter for a chord to play followed by some circles, for example D o O o O o O o. In this example I can hear strumming of a guitar on the D and the big circles, should I be strumming a D on the big circles in this case or just using the D and waiting until the next line to strum on D again.

Any news on when the integration between the app and the website will work? The video on this is from 2021 and we are now in 2023 so would have expected it to be available by now?

Up at the top of the app it says STRUM and there’s a suggested strum pattern if you press it. That pattern is entirely optional and you may choose to go more or less elaborate depending on what you think the song needs and your skill level

All of the circles just represent the up and down strokes of your hand (which may or may not include a strum of the strings).

If I’m using the app, do I need to also log practices/routines in the desktop/web space?

Hi Deborah, the app and website stats are not linked so it’s really just a question of if / how you want to keep tabs on your progress and practice.

Awesome, thanks. So I’m not missing anything if I’m solely using the app for tracking practice, then?

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No not at all!

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