How to use the practice page

I’m having trouble using the practice page for all my practice routines. I can’t seem to get more than one thing to practice. Can someone help me how to overcome this ?

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Which module are you working on at the moment? Somewhere in there will be a “practice and consolidation” lesson (or one with a similar name). E.g. in Module 1 it is:

If you click on the “Practice” tab below the video, then beneath the green items is an orange “Save This Routine” button. If you click this, then go to your Dashboard, tab “Practice”, sub-section routines, you can hit the green plus button to “make this routine active” within the main practice area you should then be able to see all the items again, along with videos giving you hints.

(This might be easier to explain with screenshots, so please let me know if it’s not clear!)

Hi iainism, I have a similar question. I am trying to get the Grade 1 Module 2 Practice into my Practice. But when I tap the Practice button at the top of the notes (under Justin’s video), it ends up in my Items menu as Active Items. Is there a way to get all the elements on to the Practice page that has the timer etc?

So, what I do it this… from a module practice page, select the “Practice” tab and then click “Save this routine”:

I then select the option to “Set as your active routine”:

After this, if I go to my dashboard:

And select “Practice”:

Then I see the practice list for module 2:

Do you see something different? (Apologies if I’ve misunderstood your question!)

Hi iainism, no that’s exactly what I want to do. However, where your ‘Save This Routine’ tab is orange, mine is greyed out and says ‘Saved This Practice Routine’, so I cant get to the option ‘Set As Your Active Routine’. It looks like it saved in Items in my Practice folder, so I deleted everything from that and tried again, but the ‘Save This Routine’ button is still grey.
QUICK UPDATE: I went back to the first practice module, followed your steps and it worked! Unfortunately, now I only have an old routine to practice but it’s better than nothing :confused:

Hi again Iain. I think I’ve sorted it; after making the first module my current practice routine (even tho I finished it before discovering the practice page), I just marked it as complete, then checked the second module in case the ‘Save This Routine’ button was orange, and it was. So I now have my second module as my current Practice routine, and all is good. Thanks heaps for your help!

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