How UPS helps with your delivery

Hi all as some may know that i am an ups driver, and have many people i deliver to that play guitar . When i see that some one has a guitar on my truck i make sure i take great care of it. So I have one customer that gets a lot of guitars he plays professionally in Princeton NJ, Any how one day he got another guitar and as he is signing for his package he asked me “how come every time i get a guitar its open “? I replayed to him that its a extra service i do before you get your guitar i do a full inspection to make sure it playes the way it should and this doesn’t cost you any more for your shipping . Your welcome and enjoy your new guitar. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: well any way its fun to see all the new guitars being bought


We use UPS for our business and have a great relationship with the regular driver. He even drops deliveries at our house if he is running late and our business is closed. I think UPS driver don’t get enough credit for how hard their job can be.

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I been doing it 23 years looking to retire next year so I will miss all my normal people.