Howard Stern chatting with Keith Richards post release of Hackney Diamonds

As a Stones and Keef fan, I enjoyed this, one or two snippets that were new to me.


Well now. That was an enjoyable lil clip. Long straps eh!!! Lol. I have started playing with the strap and standing up a few months ago. Right now it is positioned basically where I would play it sitting down. I never have tried different heights as it seems to feel natural where it is. Maybe at some point I will explore this. But I’m not too worried about looking cool! Look at me, I’m already cool!!! Lmao. Oh I kill myself sometimes! Thanks for the share


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I would have never thought that Keef would be judgmental about guitar strap length. Seems like a strange thing to care about.

I might be mistaken, but most of the recording/practicing footage I’ve seen of Keef has been when he’s sitting down. The guitar is pretty high (Lennon-esque) and easier to play in that position.
When he performs on stage, the ‘long strap’ makes the guitar neck of the come out of his crotch. You don’t have to be Freud to understand the imagery :laughing:
Keef has spent his life trying to embody the phrase Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll (not necessarily in that order). The image has worked for him, so fair play :smiley:


I am always intrigued and fascinated by what in these sort of videos draws out some comments.

For me the most interesting tit-bit was how many songs Jagger & Richards wrote in their early days as song-writers that were recorded and did relatively well (at least I assume so from the discussion) for otehr artists. I did know the full story about As Tears Go By which was first recorded by Marianne Faithful. Their thinking being it was not quite right for the Stones, though obviously they changed their mind on that.

I also knew that Lennon & McCartney had given a song to the Stones in the early years. What was interesting to me was to hear the snippets of the song played by The Beatles and then The Stones. No surprise to the faithful here that I prefer the rock n roll vibe of The Stones to the more pop sound of The Beatles.

As for the guitar height thing. Clearly the comment about the strap was an attempt at wit, the issue being playing posture. Keith thinks having the guitar up higher on the chest not the way and prefers the lower position (be that solely a Freudian choice or for playing position).

On a serious note, I’d agree with @Dman74 and suggest for us learners probably best to start off with the guitar in the same position standing as when sitting. I think Justin suggested use of a strap with length set so that the position is unchanged when getting up from sitting to play standing. From there you can fine tune for comfort, playability, image as you progress, either raising or lowering as you see fit.

Come on Brian, I think he has done better than ‘trying’ :rofl: Though maybe as he turns 80 he is losing that, giving up the fags, heavy drinking, and hard drugs plus married with kids and grand kids to the lady he met in '79 … sounding almost respectable :rofl:

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Lol. Too funny Brian…because it’s true!!! I’m pretty sure he is not the only one. :grin::crazy_face:. It seems that is a common thought process of alot of rock and rollers. Ozzy would be a good one I think. Although he doesn’t play Ze guitar he sure knew how to pat the devil’s shoulder! Sex, drugs and rock and roll!! He paid for it, but what a legend!!


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