How'd I miss this? (Songbook / Journey pages) Found it now - Nice!

How’d I miss this (Songbook)? Found it now…Nice!

And here I am using an Libre Office Writer table. Which works too I guess. :wink:

And dang! Didn’t see this either. (Journey) Nice too!

Well - Coolio! :sunglasses:


Hi Daniel, you could also post this in your LL instead of a new topic. :grinning:
With friendly greetings ,Rogier

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Or next time publish it into the Website category.
I also would consider giving the topic a more meaningful subject :smiley:

Nevertheless, same as you I completely overlooked the “Journey” feature. It seems to be very helpful for keeping an overview of courses in progress/completed. Thanks Daniel.


Thanks @Richard_close2u. Noted! :+1: