Howling Wolf- Spoonful Tab

Hello from Kettering Uk. I’m wondering if anybody knows of a good tab for ‘Spoonful’. Something not to complex!
Many Thanks Julian

You need to check out Ultimate Guitar Tabs, if you don’t have access to Justin’s tabs as your first port of call.

Justin doesn’t have a lesson, so he won’t have the tab either.

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Thanks - I should have said you could check Justin’s tabs if you have access - I don’t either so didn’t know if it was there or not.

Just search in the SONGS section on the website. If a lesson has a Tab with it it will show as below

The entry will most likely to appear to all users but no access if you’ve not subscribed.

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Hi Mel,
Thanks for finding the TAB ,I have to say that I always forget what exactly it is, it says free tabs … but what about the copywrite on something like that ? …
to ensure that this does not accidentally get Justin into trouble and then I will be informed too… again (for a while)…This takes us to that site, so I guess it’s okay, right? Edit: yes that must be it :sunglasses: I remove the Richard tag :sunglasses:

Thanks again Mel
Greetings Rogier

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Hi Roger,
Yes I’m sure this is ok. Would have much preferred if Justin had this in his songs category :sunglasses::+1:t2: Hint, hint, :wink:

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